Vancouver’s Mountains Look Absolutely Stunning Today (PHOTOS)

Vancouver's Mountains

Vancouver is getting a break from the rain today and what a beautiful sight it is!

The clear skies have revealed Vancouver’s mountains and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

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The beautiful backdrop shows snow capped mountains that will leave you in awe.

Take a look for yourself below.

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Stunning morning, enjoy it while it lasts

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I’m really going to miss this view 😢 Life is full of bittersweet moments and this is definitely one of them. We were offered a 3 bedroom unit in our building – which are all on the other side, so it’s a city view – and we just couldn’t say no. We need the extra space and bedroom with growing kids, Evelynn is turning 5 in a few days (!!) and Oliver is turning 8 in a few months (!!) But I’m still sad about losing this spectacular, breathtaking, incredible view from our home. Especially on a day like today with snow capped sparkling mountains, calm ocean waters, blue bird skies, evidence of the city beautifully blended in, and dramatic shadows on the contours of it all 🏔🏙 I knew this day would come, but I suppose I thought it was still a bit down the road. But if we passed it up this time, we could have been waiting years longer…. We have known how lucky we are every single day of the 4 years living here and the opportunity that a family of our means (which is not much) could access this kind of housing is not lost on me. I shouldn’t dwell on the loss for long, keep my head up to the possibilities that are in front of us – we’re moving from north to south facing so we will have beautiful sunshine! And I can grow plants on our balcony 🌱😍☀️ so I will soak this in as long as possible and take each day, one at a time ❤️ #vancouverisbeautiful #ilovevancouver #bittersweet #milliondollarview #eternallygrateful #alreadylookingforwardtotomatoes #wishusluckpacking 😝

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