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5 Vancouver TV Shows Renewed by ‘The CW’ for 2017/18

American television network The CW has made a lot of teens and sci-fi fans happy with its renewal list for the 2017-18 broadcast season.

The decade-old network is renewing 4 DC Comic shows which serve as flagship cornerstones of programming – they all happen to be filmed in Vancouver:

  • Legends of Tomorrow for its 3rd season
  • Flash for its 4th season
  • Arrow for its 6th season
  • Supergirl for its 3rd season

CW has stated no plans for a Superman spinoff are in the works after the character was introduced on Supergirl. On the other hand, Arrow led to 3 spinoffs.

Another staple CW show and Vancouver production, Supernatural will return for an impressive 13th season.  And yes, it is the longest-running sci-fi/fantasy series in North America having passed Smallville a couple seasons ago.

Midseason programs that are filmed in Vancouver have the following premiere dates:

  • Riverdale – January 26th, series premiere
  • The 100 – February 1st, 4th season premiere
  • iZombie – April 4th, 3rd season premiere

Rob Thomas, one of the people behind iZombie, has said he expects production for his upcoming reboot of The Lost Boys to be centered in Canada as well. At a recent panel he stated he loves shooting in Canada and can build a San Fran replica in Vancouver to shoot there most of the time.

The network also has other reboots in the works for pilot season like Dynasty and Charmed  – the original was set in modern day San Francisco so Vancouver could be a viable option for filming.


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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