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Vancouver Topped the List of Climate Change Leaders Throughout the Globe

Photo: dorinser / Flickr

Vancouver is setting an example for the planet, as a global leader in climate change.

The non-profit organization, CDP, ranked cities from across the planet “that are leading the transition to a climate-safe future.”

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And among that annual list is Vancouver, along with North Vancouver and Victoria. The non-profit  scores cities and companies on their journey to being more environmentally friendly.

It uses its own ranking system. CDP measures each city’s progress towards fighting climate change, deforestation and water insecurity.

The website notes Vancouver’s ambitious emissions reductions target, which is set at 100% by 2050.

CDP’s list includes 105 cities from around the globe. And that number is more than double from the year before, which included 43 cities.

“Cities are taking the climate crisis more seriously than before,” said the CDP.

Other Canadian spots on the list are Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Windsor.

Vancouver recently approved a ban on all single-use plastics by 2021 and has begun phasing out certain items already.

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