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Canadians Expected To Pay $500 More For Groceries In 2020 Due To Climate Change

Grocery Store food prices soar from Climate Change

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Expect to pull out your wallets when you hit the grocery store this month, as groceries are expected to rise in price this year.

According to a study released in late 2019, Canadians can expect to pay nearly $500 more for groceries in 2020. Why? Well, it all comes down to climate change.

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Canada’s Food Price Report 2020 looks at how weather impacts our food growth. Because of unexpected snowstorms, droughts, floods etc, Canadian farmers are having a more difficult time growing crops.

That directly links to the prices of food, meaning a Canadian family will spend about $12,667 on food at grocery stores and restaurants in 2020.

Food Price Forecasts
Photo: Canada Food Price Report

Another weather factor is the hotter climate, which is causing more bacterial outbreaks. When grocers and restaurants have to pull lettuce off shelves because of the outbreak, it drives up prices for alternatives like spinach.

Inflation, trade and food trends also contribute to the rising prices. For example, celery prices skyrocketed because of a popular diet trend, where people drink celery juice for its health benefits.

While food prices are expected to go up in B.C., there are some provinces that will see a decrease, such as Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Saskatchewan.

People across the globe have been continuously protesting climate change, with several protests in Vancouver.

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