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Vancouver To Spend $450,000 On “Artistic” Bleachers

Vancouver To Spend $450,000 On "Artistic" Bleachers

photo via Vancouver Park Board

While many support Vancouver’s art displays around the city, several people, and for good reason, are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the latest investment, bleachers.

The controversial art display dubbed “Home and Away” will be located in Hastings Park, and pay homage to the history of Empire Fields. Officials plans to place it in the northwest corner of the park, along the background of PlayLand. The bleachers will be four-storeys, and seat up to 150 spectators. Park board officials revealed it may also have a “playful exit slide” spectators can use.

The “artwork” was planned to be approved earlier this year, but a public outcry forced delay and further consultation – primarily due to its $450,000 price tag.

Shockingly, the “Home and Away” sculpture was approved on September 28, and will be funded by the City of Vancouver Public Arts Program. The sculpture is expected to be installed in 2016.

While public art helps build vibrant communities, it’s hard to justify this specific piece of art. There’s a million places this money could have been reallocated to. Just months earlier, Vancouverites united to shutdown a $150,000 yoga event on Burrard Bridge, yet the Park Board goes ahead and approves a piece of art for nearly half a million dollars..

We took to Twitter to see what Vancouverites thought of the decision:

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