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6 Eye-Opening Times Vancouver Has Been Seen From Space

vancouver from space

We all know that Vancouver is a beautiful city, but sometimes things look even better from a far.

We are running down some of the best images of Vancouver from space, looking at the city from a rarely seen perspective. These images show the beauty of where we live and are astonishing to look at. Sometimes we can all use a reminder of the beauty around us. Right?

Vancouver From Space Captured By The ESA

The European Space Agency’s satellite, Copernicus Sentinel-2 has released this amazing video footage over Vancouver as part of their Earth from Space mission.

NASA’s Night Image is Starry

vancouver from space
Photo: @NASAmarshall / Flickr

A NASA crew member captured this breathtaking image from the International Space Station at night on March 31, 2013. It also highlights how much electricity we use.

Vancouver From Space Over Time

If you love time-lapse videos, watching Vancouver from 1984 to 2020 from up above is truly special. This high frequency time-lapse video by USGS/Landsat satellite data is of higher resolution than Google Earth.

A Memorable Winter Olympics Moment

vancouver from space
Photo: NASA

A time when Vancouver was the focus of the world, this shot was captured by NASA on February 10, 2010. It shows the area around Olympic Village, which at the time was home to the Olympians and alike.

The Busy Vancouver Harbour


Though a few years back, taken in August 2015, you can see boats, a float plane, and cars all amidst the hustle and bustle that is the Vancouver Harbour. UrtheCast captured this video of Vancouver from space and we are enjoying watching it.

The Smoke From Above

vancouver from space
Photo: NASA

Though we couldn’t see through the smoke, this image from NASA shows, in true-colour, the smoke over on top of all of the Pacific Northwest. The smoke was due to the fire in B.C. on August 19, 2019.

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