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Should Metro Vancouver Allow Ride-Hailing Services Like Uber & Lyft?

Uber / Ride-hailing

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Metro Vancouver is growing at an exponential rate, and therefore its streets are becoming extremely congested.

As of May of 2016, the population of Surrey soared to an impressive 517,887; this figure shot up 10% from the 2011’s total of 468,251.

What’s more, its becoming increasingly difficult to hail a cab. And, people who call taxis are finding that they often show up extremely late, if at all. While this isn’t always the norm, it certainly happens a great deal during peak hours or special events.

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As such, many people are in favour implementing ride-hailing services, such as Uber and Lyft, in the Lower Mainland. Before John Horgan was elected, he promised to make these services available to the public.


Ride-Hailing in Metro Vancouver

Sadly, people won’t be able to utilize one of these services in 2018. During a conference on July 19th, the incumbent NDP government announced that they would not permit these services until Fall 2019.

Instead, they’ve promised an additional 500 taxis in the region to compensate for the lack of availability and rise in population. With that in mind, not everyone thinks that this will create sufficient relief for a soaring population.

Furthermore, many people think that taxi companies abuse their power, in terms of pricing and who they’ll choose to drive, because they have a monopoly in the industry. With that being said, many drivers depend on the industry for their income, and introducing new services may result in a loss of jobs.


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