Uber Service In B.C. Isn’t A Thing (Yet), But Kuber Is

Uber Service In B.C. Isn’t A Thing (Yet), But Kuber Is

While we can’t have Uber in B.C. just yet, Kuber has made its way onto the scene. It’s affordable, has a great reputation, and best of all, is a local business.

Kuber is a relatively new cab company that opened in the municipality of Surrey, BC. ‘Kuber’ stands for the Lord of Wealth in Hindu mythology, and prides itself on fulfilling unmet demands of the transportation industry.

According to their website, they offer customers great service, comfort, free wifi, and best of all, no surge pricing. You can book a cab with them through their app, online, or simply over the phone.


Uber VS. B.C.

Uber had been banned from British Columbia until recently, being one of the last places in all of North America that doesn’t use the service.

B.C. legislation approved the global company in December of 2017, stating that ride hailing services are on the way, and will be here in the near future.

The minister of transportation and infrastructure, Todd Stone, has ensured the Vancouver Taxi Association and the community that when Uber does arrive in Vancouver, there will be several measures taken to ensure equality between the two companies. Safety for both passengers and vehicles are the government’s primary concern.

It will include $1 million dollars allocated towards app technology that allows consumers to hire and pay for cabs as they do for Uber, allowing the crossing of municipal boundaries between both cab drivers and Uber drivers to ensure equal access, and addressing the provincial shortage of taxi drivers.

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