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NDP Drags Feet On Uber Promise To Metro Vancouver; Delays Process

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While it was an integral part of their campaign platform, the NDP seem to be stepping back on their promises to deliver Uber to Vancouverites.

John Horgan said that he would bring ride-hailing services to Metro Vancouver such as Uber and Lyft if he was elected; however, he has remained rather quiet about the issue since he was elected Premier.

While Uber reps recently scouted Vancouver to get a better feel for the layout of the city, it seems their planning may be premature.

The NDP won a large number of votes by promising taxi-drivers that they would help to protect their jobs, so the party faces a challenge.

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The party stated that they would, “create a truly fair approach to ‘ride-sharing’ in British Columbia that doesn’t unfairly benefit – or punish – one group over the other,” but this statement isn’t really indicative of a clear cut plan, or really any plan at all.

Uber Timeline For Metro Vancouver

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena stated that the existing legislation regarding transportation is very complex, and therefore there was no easy solution to appeasing taxi drivers while implementing a new program. She also stated in a release that the party’s number one concern is passenger and driver safety.

Horgan and his party note that they cannot offer a definitive date as to when the government will institute a program. In fact, they suggest that a timeline for such a plan won’t materialize until around fall of 2018.

Uber was already denied entry to Metro Vancouver in 2016 and people thought that the ride-hailing service may be employed by fall of this year.

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