19 Vehicle Crash on Newly Toll Free Port Mann Bridge Causes Morning Chaos

Port Mann Bridge

While removing the toll fees on the Port Mann Bridge has been a boon for many commuters, taking the bridge was not an ideal option this morning.

As many as 19 vehicles were involved in multiple collisions just before the entrance to the bridge in its Westbound lanes.

The accidents were first reported at around 6.30 am, when commuters coming from Surrey were forced to wait in tremendous delays.

There were accidents in both of the Lougheed Highway exit lanes and the other lanes. Only one lane of traffic was getting through each section.

Port Mann Bridge Congestion

The collision has been cleared, but drivers are advised to take alternate routes this morning as the congestion will take hours to completely clear.

Traffic is backed up to 176 St, and it is advised to avoid Highway 1 until the congestion is cleared.

The bridge recently saw an increase of over 30,000 crossings per day since the tolls were removed.

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  • bill

    Love to hear people blaming the NDP for the idiot drivers on the road! Newsflash: Nobody is forcing you to commute from Surrey, so don’t complain because you feel entitled to a detached home instead of a small condo like those of us living in the city. By the way, public transit rarely has these problems, so get out of your car already if it’s SO bad.

  • Kostas Papakyriakopoulos

    As a New West residence I couldn’t be happier that the Port man is toll free ! All this chaos is finally over for us !!!!