Uber Scouts Out Vancouver For Urban Layout And Mapping


To Uber or not to Uber? That is the question.

While Vancouver has been torn over whether or not to get Uber, it appears the city may be closer to providing the service.

Uber is sending out 25 vehicles on Thursday, August 10th to map out the city’s layout so that drivers may better serve their customers. Things like building entrances, precise drop off and pick up locations, and traffic flow will be taken into consideration.


While there hasn’t been an official yes to the taxi-alternative, all three major political parties were in favour of the ride sharing platform. There is simply too much public demand for it to be ignored.

The Uber Dilemma

Mohan Kang, the President of the B.C. Taxi Association had stated that he was confident that Premier John Horgan would not move forward with this motion without deliberating with B.C. taxi drivers. It appears that things could be changing.

Manik Gupta, head of maps at Uber, told the Vancouver Sun that having the Uber vehicles on the street was great advertising.

One thing is certain, however. Vancouverites are not happy overall with the current transportation options in their city; however, there are still a number of issues to contend with before any motions are passed.

Vancouver will have to stay tuned to see the Uber vehicles if the Uber vehicles hit the road.

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