Perseid Meteor Shower To Dazzle Metro Vancouver With Astral Display

Meteor Shower

While everyone is excited for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st, there is another, equally astonishing celestial show occurring on August 12th.

In less than a week’s time, Vancouverites are privy to a magical show in the sky. During the Perseid meteor shower you can expect to see between fifty to a hundred meteors an hour in places where the sky is very dark.

While the time for viewing meteors runs from mid-July through until the end of August, August 12th is the very peak of the season. This means that the greatest amount of meteors will appear on this date; however, you’ll be able to see them in high frequency many days prior to it and after.


Tips For Enjoying the Meteor Shower

Unfortunately, the moon will rise around 11pm this year and illuminate the sky to a high degree. This brightness makes the sky considerably less dark and therefore viewing the meteors becomes more difficult. Usually it is best view meteor showers after midnight and through until the break of the next day; however, experts recommend catching the show prior to moonrise.

Make sure the place you to opt to view the display is as dark as possible. This may mean driving as far as possible out of city limits, in a place with as little light pollution as possible. Try to get out early and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Staring at your bright cell phone screen and then looking up at the dark sky will be a considerable contrast, so try to refrain from that if possible.

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