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Surrey Is Growing At Double The Rate Of Vancouver

Surrey Is Growing

Photo: City of Surrey / Facebook

While all of Metro Vancouver is rapidly developing, Surrey is undergoing a surging increase in population.

As of May of 2016, the population of Surrey soared to an impressive 517,887; this figure shot up 10% from the 2011’s total of 468,251.

In fact, Surrey is now tracking to outgrow the City of Vancouver in population. According to Urban Surrey, “It is expected that Surrey will surpass Vancouver in population to become the largest city in BC by 2030.”


Surrey Is Growing Quickly

Although Surrey is set to surpass Vancouver’s population, it isn’t leading the lower mainland for percentage of growth. In fact, that honour goes to the Township of Langley. It grew a remarkable 12.6% during the same period of time.

Of course, driving factors for the increase in Surrey’s growth include recent land developments, increased safety, and affordability. As Vancouver becomes increasingly unaffordable, Surrey presents a viable alternative.

As a matter of fact, the City is undergoing a complete transformation.

Surrey Central Station will look completely different in its final stage of completion, as the future holds everything from residential buildings to shopping centres, to offices and a large bank.

There was also poignant growth in this area due to these developments – one Census Tract east of King George Blvd and south of 104th Avenue growing by 33%.

Another factor for the tremendous growth is that over have 1,082 refugees settled in the city in over the last couple of years. A study conducted by the Immigrant Service Society of BC (ISSofBC) shows 43% of BC’s Syrian refugees chose Surrey as their home.

Indeed, the city is completely revamping its appearance and vision. Utilizing the motto “the future lives here,” it aims to take an ambitious new approach to design and economy. In addition, Surrey.ca states it also has the lowest average annual rainfall in the Lower Mainland, at 1050mm or 41in, which is a definite bonus in this rainy area.

Up next for Surrey? A potential and controversial LRT system, and hopefully action towards tent city.


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