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Over 230,000 Facebook Views Of Shocking Tent City In Surrey Stirs Outrage (Video)

Tent City

Photo: Massachusetts Cop Block / Flickr

A shocking video has taken Facebook by storm of a tent city in Surrey that spans over multiple city blocks.

The viral video was posted by Joe McNeely, who shot the footage while driving past the tents on 135A Street. In the video he describes how sad the sight is, and speaks about how little is being done to end homelessness in Metro Vancouver.

WARNING: this video contains explicit language.

Since being posted on November 24th, the video has had over 230,000 views and hundreds of comments.


Video of Surrey Tent City Sparks Outrage

In a statement above the video he remarks how it, “really shows how much we give a shit about the less fortunate, has anyone seen this? Is it in the news? It should be… A house a block away is selling for $900,000.”

The public response to the statement is extremely divided. While many people are blaming the city, others blame individuals. Within the Facebook comments people are arguing opposing viewpoints, and many are growing extremely angry.

Another video recently went viral of a man shouting a slur of horrific insults at police officer, and before that a parent was lectured by police for parenting in a viral video.

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