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Raging Man Shouts Slew Of Horrific Insults At Vancouver Police Officer (VIDEO)

Vancouver Police Officer

A video has gone viral that shows a police office being brutally berated by a man over a suspected hit-and-run.

While the officer appears to remain calm, a man in the video shouts a number of profanities. He begins to insult the officer’s character, physicality, and ability to do his job.

The man also states that the officer is assaulting him, but the footage only shows the officer giving him a gentle push after an onslaught of verbal abuse.

Please be aware that the video contains harsh profanity and may offend viewers.

While the man and the officer have their exchange, a second man filming the video eventually tells his friend that they should let it go; however, he continues to yell at the officer. He states that the officer is not helping him, the victim, in a hit-and-run.


The details of the hit-and-run and events preceding the video are unknown at his time.

Another video went viral earlier this year after a VPD officer found that a woman left her children in a car with the windows up during hot weather while she grocery shopped.

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