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Vancouver Police Department To Add Drones To Their Arsenal

Vancouver Police Department Drones

Photo: Karl Greif

The Vancouver Police Department has announced that it’s adding drones to their crime-fighting toolbox.

Specifically, the VPD will be adding three drones: a large drone and two smaller ones.

Also referred to as Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), Police Superintendent Steve Eely officially recommended these drones in June 2019.

“The system[s] will greatly enhance our ability to keep the city safe. We are committed to full transparency with our policy for the use of the equipment and want Vancouver residents to fully understand when and how the equipment will be used”, Eely said.

According to official documents, all-in-all, this new program will cost $41,068.29. The cost covers the drones themselves, as well as training equipment and drone insurance.

The Vancouver Police Department says they’ve consulted the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, as well as the BC Civil Liberties Association regarding the use of drones.

The VPD says it will be using the drones to investigate vehicle accidents, search and rescue, crime scene analysis, and disaster support.

“The VPD will not use the drones for surveillance”, an official statement said.

Despite the promise, this will undoubtedly unsettle a segment of the public. Just recently, hidden cameras were discovered inside downtown Vancouver bus shelters. In addition, the B.C. government also admitted to intercepting driver bluetooth signals on highways.

[Note: The drone in the image is not actual VPD drone.]

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