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Vancouver Police Seized A Hatchet In The Downtown Eastside (PHOTO)

Downtown Eastside

Photo: @DeputyChow / Twitter

On Tuesday evening, Deputy Chief Howard Chow of the Vancouver Police Department shared a photo on Twitter of a weapon that was seized in the Downtown Eastside.

The weapon found in the Downtown Eastside was a hatchet.

“Weapon seized off of a person in the #DTES. We’re seeing a number of individuals with hatchets tucked into their waistband” reads the tweet.

Weapons in Downtown Vancouver

In 2018, 23-year-old nightclub worker Kalwinder Thind was trying to break up a fight outside of Cabana nightclub and tragically lost his life.The young man was stabbed early in the morning on Saturday, and police are still investigating the killing.

In response, the Vancouver Police Department and Barwatch created a plan to avoid tragedies like this.

Fighting, verbal abuse, harassment, unwanted physical contact, drink tampering, theft or bringing concealed liquor into any of Bar Watch’s venues will result in a year-long ban. In addition, those bringing weapons into venues will be barred for life.

There are approximately thirty venues under Vancouver’s Barwatch jurisdiction.


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