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Watch The Moon Shine With Jupiter, Saturn And Mars This Week


Photo: Kelvin Kwan / 604 Now Flickr Pool

If you look up this week, the night time views will be ones that are out of this world, as three of the brightest planets will be visible near the moon.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the moon will shine with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

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On Tuesday morning, the moon moved toward Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system). But by Wednesday, you’ll see it meet up with Saturn. And then on Thursday, the moon will be nearer to Mars.

Although the planets are obviously millions of miles from Earth, they will each appear closer to us and to each other.


You’ll be able to catch this phenomenon at about 3-4 am each night. So don’t miss it, because it may be the last time you see something like this for years, according to Space.com.

Sky gazers have been lucky as of late, as locals saw a pink supermoon earlier this month.

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