6 Droolworthy Drinks To Try Before The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival Is Over

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Hot chocolate lovers unite.

The annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is officially underway. This year, you can try a whopping 114 different flavour creations at over 67 locations all over the city.

If you’re not sure what to check out first, we have rounded up some of our top choices you’ll definitely want to try this year.

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6 Hot Chocolates You Must Try This Year

Koko Monk Hot Chocolate Lounge: Heart Burglar

This is a 35% premium white hot chocolate with lychee, rose, and ginger. It also comes with a house-made organic double chocolate gelato taster.

Address: 2883 W Broadway, Vancouver

Beaucoup Bakery: Strawberry Pocky Forever


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If you love Strawberry Pocky, this is a must-try. The hot chocolate features Valrhona Strawberry couverture chocolate infused with a hint of sweet rose. It comes with house made strawberry pocky which is recommended to be dipped into this strawberry rose sipping chocolate.

Address: 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver

Boba Run: Gone Bananas


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This is a popular must try flavour this year. It’s a rich and creamy hot chocolate with 54.5% dark hot chocolate and house made banana puree. And to top it off, there’s a small sponge cake for you to dip and enjoy as well. As an add-on you can even add boba!

Address: 102 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Ladurée: Marie Antoinette


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This luxurious drink is made with Valrhona dark chocolate infused with Ladurée Marie Antoinette Tea (signature blend of Chinese black tea, rose petals, and citrus fruits), topped with Chantilly cream and candied lemon. It is topped off with a signature Ladurée Marie Antoinette macaron.

Address:1141 Robson Street

Say Hello Sweets + Living Lotus Chocolate: Knotty By Nature


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This is a collaboration you don’t want to miss. The hot chocolate is a five-spiced chocolate ice cream mix with coco whip, cookie dough, pretzel bites, sprinkles and a freeze-dried marshmallow. Yes, it’s as good as it looks. The drink comes with a full-sized soft pretzel.

Address: 620 Quebec Street, Vancouver

Sciué Italian Bakery Café + Love Soirette: Mask-Querade


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Another collaboration to swoon over. This is a fun and photo-worthy drink as well as tasty. Try this Venetian Masquerade Carnival-inspired pistachio white hot chocolate. Served with a cardamom and fennel shortbread.

Address: 126 Davie Street and 800 West Pender Street, Vancouver


The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is on until February 14th. Note though that some locations will be changing out their offerings half-way through, so definitely keep your eyes out for that.


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