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BC Might Deny License Renewals if You Have Unpaid Restriction Fines

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The B.C. Government wants to collect on unpaid COVID-19 fines. If left unpaid it could lead to a refusal to get your driver’s or vehicle license renewed.

This amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act will be considered a “refuse to issue” (RTI) with restrictions to fines issued under the Emergency Program Act and COVID-19 Related Measures Act.

The RTI will apply to all outstanding fines issued under these acts, which includes retroactive fines.

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Mike Farnworth stated that B.C. Government has moved up the deadline for sending unpaid COVID-19 fines to collections. He states, “we’re going to refuse to issue offenders a driver’s licence or vehicle licence if they still won’t take their tickets seriously and pay up.”

People with unpaid fines will receive a notice of the RTI from ICBC before their driver’s licence expires.

There are options available to pay before coming to this point:

  • request the court lower the fine if they lack the means to pay;
  • make repayment arrangements to be considered depending on financial and hardship needs;
  • RTI decisions can also be appealed to the superintendent of motor vehicles to be reviewed.

Only 14% of the fines given have been paid so far.

These amendments will come into force on July 1, 2021.


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