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People Still Won’t Stop Lining Up For Uncle Tetsu Over A Month After Opening

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Photo: Elana Shepert / 604 Now

While it opened over a month ago, the lines at Uncle Tetsu in the Metropolis at Metrotown are still extremely long.

Not only are there lineups at the counter, but the store has created a separate, roped-off area to accommodate the influx of customers.


Of course, the lineups are due to limited oven capacity; only so many orders may be filled at a given time.

With that in mind, the lines aren’t deterring customers from the delectable, fluffy cheesecake. Also, the lineups tend to be shorter in the morning, when there are less people in the mall. 


Uncle Tetsu Lines

Originating in Japan over 25 years ago, the chain has four locations in Eastern Canada. The stores are so successful that they even have a Twitter dedicated to monitoring the length of the lines.




Using a combination combination of flour, eggs, cream cheese, sugar, baking powder, honey, butter, and milk, the chain takes pride in using all natural ingredients to make its famous cakes.

Afterward, the light golden cakes are stamped with the signature Uncle Tetsu logo.


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