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Feast Your Eyes on This: Turkeys Flock Together For Fowl Play in BC Yard

Photo: ronniegoyette / Flickr

A group of wild turkeys are ruffling some feathers, after nestling into a B.C. neighbourhood without budging.

The residents of Mill Bay, B.C. spotted about a dozen turkeys hanging out on cars and getting local dogs worked up.

Nobody knows why the birds are there, but they do know the feathered gang refuse to leave.

“I look out the window and lo and behold there is a big flock of turkeys,” resident Marie Adam told CBC. “Just in the backyard pecking away at the lawn.”

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Her dogs had scared them off the property, she said, but they later came back.

Adam was on her way out one day when she spotted the birds sitting on top of the cars in her driveway.

No matter how much she yelled, they would not budge. She said her husband had to physically move them off.

“It felt like I’d entered the twilight zone,” said Adam.

The resident said she spoke with a friend whose dog had also chased the birds. Then one of the birds flew inside the open hatchback of her vehicle and perched on her headrest.

The birds normally hang out closer to Shawnigan Lake, which is less than 10 kilometres away from Mill Bay.

Why they decided to move locations, however, is still up in the air.

Turkeys aren’t the only one to nest on cars. These squirrels made a car their storage space. And a gang of bears made someone’s backyard their new hang out spot.

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