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Step Aside Goldilocks: Local Yard Hosts Regular Meet-Ups For 12 Bears

B.C. Bears

Photo: Brad / Flickr

A B.C. family’s backyard has turned into a hangout spot for bears at night, growing from the usual seven last year to 12.

The Rowbottom family has three trail cameras set up in their backyard in Malakwa, B.C. They have caught regular footage of the grizzly bears in their backyard for more than a year now.

“We get everything: we get them eating. We get them playing,” said Peter Rowbottom to CBC. “We have one old bear, we call him Scratchy, because he just seems to sit in front of the camera and scratches himself. Seems like he likes the light shining on him.”

Bears Are Here To Stay

Rowbottom had asked the B.C. Conservation Officer Service what they can do about the bears. Ultimately, they said there isn’t much to be done, unless they turn aggressive.

While the grizzlies have been harmless so far, the family is cautious in case they have a surprise run-in.

One of the bears, Rowbottom mentioned, doesn’t even like to be looked at through the window.

If the bear notices, she’ll growl.

“One time I went out the door without having a good enough look around and she was too close and growled and chased me back inside,” he told The Abbotsford News.

While the videos have been a hit online and in the community, the family said they are happy hibernation season is around the corner.

“Then things will return to normal around here for another winter,” he said.

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