How A Trip To Knouff Lake Will Change Your Life

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Knouff Lake

Tired of dreary city life? Need a break from your monotonous day to day winter routine? Or even simply  enjoy winter based movies?

Maybe it’s time to take a trip up to Knouff Lake. A 40 minute drive from downtown Kamloops, close to Sun Peaks lies Knouff Lake, a stretch of arctic tundra surrounded by cozy, hospitable cabins.

Big Knouff and Little Knouff, two little lakes that are joined by a creek, form a gateway for an abundance of Rainbow Trout to reproduce. One of British Columbia’s hidden gems, it’s four season friendly with its visitors.


With skies so clear, star-gazing into the night is inevitable. There’s something incredibly hypnotic about being a small human in a vast space of creation.

The snow capped pine trees and slight light shining out of peoples cabins provide the most sublime glow, making you feel like time stands still in the moment and you’re caught in part of a Christmas movie.

The perfect place for a surreal escape, Knouff Lake is especially versatile in the winter. It offers up its landscape for a variety of activities: ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, tobogganing, birdwatching, ATV’ing, and skating. You can even build your own skating rink!

If you’re more of a film buff than an outdoorsy person, now’s your chance to recreate The Revenant. Minus the bear, of course.

If you need a break from the crisp, slightly intense weather conditions, head to the inside of a cabin for some warmth and hot cocoa near the fire. Knouff Lake Resort (one of the oldest fishing resorts!) offers a selection of 11 different cabins to rent from, starting at $98/night.

A total disconnect from reality, Knouff Lake offers people tranquility, a chance to connect with nature, and a chance at some authentic Canadian experiences.

There’s nothing quite like sticking a beer into the snow, throwing on some skates, and embracing the Canadian Wilderness in all its glory. It’s definitely bucket list worthy.

Knouff Lake

  • 9608 Knouff Lake Rd, Kamloops, BC V0E 1Z0
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