TransLink Reveals Why There’s A Third Platform At Stadium Chinatown Skytrain Station


If you frequent the Stadium Chinatown skytrain station then you’ve probably noticed the third platform that is sitting empty. The extra terminal is situated across the train tracks behind a fence.

TransLink reveals the reason why the vacant terminal is there in a statement on their blog. “We asked Ian Graham, operations manager at SkyTrain, back in 2010 and he explained that originally, the third platform provided shuttle service between the main site of Expo 86 and Canada Place, which was the Canada pavilion at Expo.”

By having that extra portion of the skytrain line, it allowed a link between the grounds and Canada Place, as a special shuttle during Expo 86.

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Photo: TransLink

After the Expo, they thought it could act as an alternative boarding point as part of their regular skytrain service. But, they found having a third platform further complicated the process and it was fenced off.

While it doesn’t seem functional for everyday transit use, it does serve another purpose.

They use it for training purposes, storage and to host special events.

Public art was just added to the third terminal, as part of the Capture Photography Festival. Artist Alinka Echeverria created a three-dimensional piece that features archival photographs of women.

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