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Translink Rolls Out Gate Closures Across All SkyTrain Stations

Translink Rolls Out Gate Closures Across All SkyTrain Stations

Beginning today, anyone using the Skytrain or Canada Line will be required to bring their Compass card or purchase a single-use Compass ticket to get through station fare gates.

Translink plans to close fare gates at 10 stations on Monday, and slowly phase in the transition at all stations by Friday, April 8.

Customers who travel by bus will still be able to pay with cash or with FareSavers but they will need the Compass Card or ticket to transfer to the SkyTrain or SeaBus.

“The thing to know is to have a Compass card or ticket and remember to tap in and tap out when travelling on rail or SeaBus today,” said TransLink spokeswoman Jennifer Morland in a statement.

Transit customers with disabilities initially expressed concerns of the automated gates preventing them access, and the province issued a statement that advised Translink not to go forward with gate closures until accessibility issues were addressed.

Despite the concerns and government’s message, Translink still plans to move forward today and temporarily address concerns by placing a staff member at each station to assist customers when the gates are closed.

“For situations or times when we are not able to have staff there, that accessible gate will remain open so they are to travel independently,” added Morland.

Translink is reportedly working on a technical solution that will allow everyone to use automated gates, but it is uncertain on when commuters can expect that to come into effect.



Image via Jeffrey Ngai / 604 Now Flickr Pool.

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