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Translink May Introduce New Public Washrooms At Two Richmond Stations


Photo: @_einah_ / Instagram

Back in December, Translink announced it moving forward with introducing washrooms on the Metro Vancouver public transit system.

According to a recent staff report by the City of Richmond, TransLink staff have “developed and applied a washroom demand index to all system stations and bus exchanges”.

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A draft score was calculated “based on the number of visits per day to the site and the elapsed travel time on transit of the visits (based on Compass card data)”.

Their analysis found that both Richmond-Brighouse and Bridgeport Canada Line stations would place within the top 10 locations region-wide.

The staff report also mentioned the Richmond-Brighouse bus mall that will be built by TransLink. The public transportation provider will be adding permanent washrooms for bus operators and the public.


TransLink’s Implementation Strategy

Following approval of the policy, TransLink will develop an implementation strategy in 2019 to put the policy into practice. The strategy will identify:

  • a network of priority locations;
  • phasing, timeline and costs;
  • design, layout and siting considerations;
  • guidance for way-finding, operations and maintenance; and
  • opportunities to coordinate with other amenities (e.g., bike parkades).

Currently, TransLink has washrooms at SeaBus terminals at both Waterfront Station and Lonsdale Quay, and on-board West Coast Express trains.


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