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TransLink May Introduce Double-Decker Buses In Vancouver

Photo: Michael Chu/ Flickr

Your trek on transit could feel a bit on the touristy side in the future.

TransLink has requested that transit authority should consider double-decker buses for the lower mainland, which are currently being used in Victoria.

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Not only will the buses allow for a more comfortable ride, given there will be double the seats available to users, but the views from the top will give each rider a sense of being a tourist in their own city.

However, making the switch to double-decker does have its flaws, such as being too tall to go through tunnels.

The model isn’t exactly city-friendly, either. For shorter trips on transit, commuters may find it inconvenient as it will take longer at each stop for people to disembark the bus if they have to come down from a top level.

Double-decker buses have proved to be a win for longer commutes, though. So imagine the 160 Bus from Coquitlam to Vancouver offering such a service. The ride would be much more relaxing with more seats available and an opportunity to take in the sights like never before.

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On top of potential double-deckers, TransLink is looking into electric buses as well and suppliers did some test runs last week in Victoria.

Do you think TransLink should switch to double-decker buses? Let us know in the comments below.

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