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Translink CEO Kevin Desmond Makes More Money Than Justin Trudeau

Kevin Desmond

Photo: Terra Millies / Twitter

It may come as a shock to some, but Translink’s CEO, Kevin Desmond, makes more money than the Prime Minister.

Last year, the transportation chief executive made a whopping $407,000 for the year. What’s more, this figure rose from over $100,000 from his previous year’s salary. And, that salary was already impressive, totalling $317,000 with renumeration.

This staggering figure doesn’t even account for the first three months of 2017, as they were included in the previous year’s salary.

In contrast, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made just under $350,000 last year.

Kevin Desmond and Translink

Of course, Desmond isn’t the only well paid transportation executive. Indeed, TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis received a whopping $463,463 back in 2016.

Traffic officers are also paid quite handsomely. In total, over 100 individuals made over $100,000.

Translink is increased fares on July 1st by five to ten cents per trip. In addition, Translink announced on Monday, June 18th, that they are recommending a distance-travelled fare system.


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