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Translink Is Increasing Fares This July Across Metro Vancouver


Photo: Translink

Starting on July 1st, Translink will increase fares on transit throughout Metro Vancouver.

The transit provider announced that they are increasing rider fares by five to ten cents, per trip. In other words, a one-zone, single-cash fare for an adult will rise $2.85 to $2.95. Furthermore, a monthly pass will increase by a toonie.

They call the increases modest, and are included as a funding source for the Mayor’s 10-year Vision; the vision hopes to bring more and better service to everyone in our growing region. According to Translink, even with these modest increases, Metro Vancouver continues to have the lowest average fares of all major Canadian cities.

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New Translink Fares

Current July 1, 2018
Fare Product Zones Adult
(July 1)
(July 1)
1 $2.85 $1.80 $2.95 $1.90
2 $4.10 $2.80 $4.20 $2.90
3 $5.60 $3.80 $5.70 $3.90
Stored Value
(Compass Card)
1 $2.20 $1.80 $2.30 $1.85
2 $3.25 $2.80 $3.35 $2.85
3 $4.30 $3.80 $4.40 $3.85
Monthly Pass
(Compass Card)
1 $93 $53 $95 $54
2 $126 $128
3 $172 $174
DayPass All $10 $7.75 $10.25 $8
HandyDART Service $2.85 $2.95
West Coast Express West Coast Express Fares

If Metro Vancouver residents are experiencing deja vu, that’s because the exact same price hike was instated last July.

Metro Vancouver mayors had also proposed small price hikes to transit fares and property taxes. According to the proposal, there will be a two per cent increase to transit fares, introduced over two years beginning in 2020.


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