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Translink Recommends A Distance-Travelled Fare System Instead Of Zones (Video)

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Translink announced on Monday, June 18th, that they are recommending a distance-travelled fare system.

The decision comes after the transportation provider recently announced that they were increasing fares on transit throughout Metro Vancouver

Specifically, the rider fares will increase by five to ten cents, per trip as of July 1st.

Now, the transit provider aims to make travel more affordable for commuters. Specially, it wants to eliminate zones.

Instead, they plan to price by the distance between stations on SkyTrain, SeaBus, & future rapid transit and update pre-paid passes to reflect this change. Buses, however, will maintain a flat fare.

In addition, they state that:

  1. Maximum fare would be equivalent to a three-zone fare.
  2. Evening and weekend off-peak discounts would be maintained.

As for the pre-paid monthly pass?

It would no longer apply; however, they would implement a fare pass that is based upon distance traveled.

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Translink Distance Travelled System

Translink based their decision upon rider responses to the Transit Fare Review survey.

Over 43,000 people responded to Translinks’ questions in the first two phases. In response, most people said they’d prefer to be charged based on the distance traveled.

The provider also hopes to expand targeted off-peak discounts and/or rewards. In addition, they are looking at options that expand discounts for children, youth, and low-income residents if funded by Senior Government.

Have your say! Take the final Transit Fare Review survey before June 29, 2018.


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