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Translink Is Changing How They Charge For Transit in Metro Vancouver

Translink Canada Line

Photo: Translink

How do you feel about the way the way that Translink charges fares? Should you pay your bus fare be based on the distance traveled, or by paying a flat rate?

This is a question the transit provider is opening up to the public in an attempt to determine whether the current system is fair, effective and affordable.

They’ve been on a campaign since 2016 called the “Transit Fare Review” that aims to to explore potential changes to the fare structure that promote an exceptional customer experience where paying for transit.

Translink Transit Fare Review

In the first phase they gathered customer feedback about overall service, and in the second they asked how the fares should be determined. Over 43,000 people responded to Translinks’ questions in the first two phases. Most people said they’d prefer to be charged based on the distance traveled.

In phase one riders identified some major issues with fare payment and service including:

  • Short trips across a zone boundary result in a two-zone fare
  • Steep price jumps occur when crossing a zone boundary
  • Large zones don’t accurately reflect distances travelled
  •  Zone boundaries are arbitrary

Now, for phase three, Translink breaks questions into the following three sections:

  • Fares by distance
  • Fare products for frequent riders
  • Expanding customer discounts

One idea is called the rapid transit fares. In short, these fares are based on the number of kilometres you travel, instead of how many zones you travel through.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and Metro Vancouver residents have until December 8th to weigh in on the options.

Click here for further details.

Translink recently started running a couple of double decker-buses on select routes in Metro Vancouver for a pilot project. In addition, they plan to add 56 more cars to the skytrain in 2018 to ease congestion.

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