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TransLink Fares Are Increasing Across Metro Vancouver This July


Photo: Translink

On July 1st, Translink is once again increasing fares on transit throughout the Metro Vancouver region.

The transit provider announced they are increasing rider fares by five to ten cents, per ride. If you’re paying by cash, single-use fares will cost you five cents more and 10 cents for stored value fares.


In other words, a one-zone, single-cash fare for an adult will rise $2.95 to $3.00 when paying by cash.

Furthermore, day passes will increase in price by 25 cents. As for monthly pass fares, they will go up by $2 for concession and $3 for adult fares.

These fare increases are included as a funding source for the Mayor’s 10-year Vision; the vision hopes to bring more and better service to everyone in our growing region.

Back in October, it was announced that TransLink may also increase its parking taxes across Metro Vancouver after the BC NDP provincial government introduced new legislation.

The tax will be hiked by 3%. It’ll go from 21% to 24% and is expected to collect $10 million annually for the province.

These extra taxes collected will ultimately help fund Phase Two of the $7.3-billion transit expansion plan.

To learn more about the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation, click here.


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