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It’s Official, a Tornado Hit Vancouver & Here Are Photos of The Damage

tornado vancouver damage

Photo: @karriesoo & @aminadibi / Twitter

For those that saw a twirling wind funnel over the weekend, it’s been confirmed that it was a tornado that hit Vancouver.

Environment Canada has estimated that a tornado with wind speeds up to 110 km/hour had passed over the University of British Columbia on Saturday, November 6.

While the rating of EF0 was provided, making it a low-grade tornado, there was visible damage that resulted from the Vancouver tornado.

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The storm was reported initially over the Strait of Georgia and west of the Vancouver International Airport. This was at about 5:00 p.m. From there it was seen by many residents and people commuting sweeping over the UBC campus.

Although no one was hurt, the weather office did put out a watch. Buses, pedestrians and cyclists were detoured from a main road that had to be cleared of fallen trees and debris on Monday morning.

Here’s a Closer Look

This has been another one of those strange weather phenomenons that Western B.C. has been seeing.

First heat domes and weather bombs, then rainbows, and now a tornado. We wonder what could be next…


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