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Top 10 Ladies Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summer

Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summer

Every summer comes with new styles and fashion trends; what’s hot and what’s not. With Vancouver being such a hip and fashionable city comes with many different trends and sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the latest styles. Ladies, if you want some ideas, check out the top 10 fashion trends for this summer.


Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summerphoto credit: sazan.me


Sneakers are definitely coming back in a big way! Not only do we wear them for workouts but also brands such as Adidas, Nike, Air Jordan’s and Converse are so popular now people are mixing this sneaker in their everyday outfit. Not only are sneakers comfortable, they look classy and will never go out of style. You can dress an outfit up or down with sneakers, you can wear them out at night, throw on some high-top converse and out you go. Nike, Nike air, Jordan’s and Adidas have recently been the new hip and trendy sneakers to wear. They are classic, funky, hip and work well with most outfits.  So go out and get yourself a pair they will last you forever, at least my converse have!


Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summerphoto credit: fake-leather

Summer Trench Coats

Trench coats will always be a classic look. Not only can you wear them in the fall and spring but light trench coats work for the summer too! The Khaki/military green colours are very in style and they are a neutral tone which makes it easy to wear over any outfit without over powering your clothes underneath. They add a nice layer to your wardrobe,and everyone should have a trench in their closet! Even if it is warm out the rain can come and go.


Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summerphoto credit: 2.bp

Crop Tops

Welcome back crop tops! Not everyone can pull off this 90s trend off and I for sure don’t feel comfortable wearing these itty bitty things however, there are many styles now that are suiting to many body types and they are becoming quite trendy again.  Crop tops aren’t just about showing a midriff, you can wear crop tops with high waisted jeans or high waisted skirts. You do not have to show a whole lot of skin to prove you’re wearing a crop top! They have come back with class and sophistication.


SONY DSCphoto credit: getyourchicon


Why not accessorize with a hat! Floppy hats are in style and trending right now. You can wear them throughout the season and they add a bit of oomph to your outfit! Not only do they accessorize well, but also help if you’re having a bad hair day and just want to throw on a hat! They also shade your face from the sun while looking stylish and artsy.


floralphoto credit: lbstatic.nu

Jogger Pants

Women can wear them and so can men! They are light and comfy and are the new ‘jeans’. They are flattering on most body types and come in many styles, which you can dress up or down. You can wear them lounging around the house or out at night with a pair of heels. They come in a variety of fabrics such as cotton and silk and are unisex. One of the first jogger brands to hit the market is Zanerobes. They’re currently trending for men at the moment and will continue to do so for the summer. I have a few pair of jogger pants from Aritzia and Topshop. I definitely suggest getting a pair, they’re way more comfy than jeans and even leggings, hard to believe.


Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summerphoto credit: thefashiontag

Jean Overalls

The 80s and 90s trend is back! Ripped overalls or even plain-jane ones are in style and making the list of the trends for summer. You can layer a striped, plain or rocker-t under the overalls to give it an edgy look. Throw on some converse and you’re ready to go. Long and short overalls are both in for the summer and although they are more of a casual look you can definitely dress them up as well. The slim fitting look of the overalls accentuates most body types and look cute for a summer outfit, on a date, or just shopping around Vancouver.


Top 10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summerphoto credit: thefashiontag

Chunky Block Sandals

Move over stilettos there’s a new heel in town. Its all about the block sandals and heels this summer!  Not only do these sandals look ‘on point’ but are also comfortable unlike stiletto heels. This 70s block heel look is back and more popular than ever.  They look great on the feet and range in height and style. They are such a classic look and will be around for a while.


jumpsuitphoto credit: aliimg


This one-piece get up is so unique and perfect for a night out!. Another throwback to the 70s, Jumpsuits. This uniform outfit is so sleek and chic and a simple option if you are looking for a subtler look. You can accessorize and dress it up or down. It is a staple piece you should have in your closet. Keep an eye out for all different kinds of jumpsuits on the streets of Vancouver this summer. There are so many styles of jumpsuits; tailored, tapered leg, and flared that you should pick one that suits you and your body type.


backpackphoto credit: valnextdoor

Leather Backpacks

Backpacks are making a comeback in leather. Not only are they convenient to hold all your items but they look classy and unique. Backpacks remind most of us of school and textbooks but they’re coming back in a much more fashionable way. Get yourself a leather backpack for the summer. It has a sort of grunge look but also very casual to throw over your shoulder and it supports your back better than carrying a purse on one shoulder.


Top 10 Ladies Fashion Trends You’ll See in Vancouver This Summer


One of my favourite looks for the summer are kimonos. They are completely stylish and come in many different patterns and designs. You can wear it over bathing suits, shorts, tanks or just for lounging around. They are breezy, airy and are so comfortable to wear. Kimonos are a trending item right now at the many music festivals happening throughout the summer. The bohemian, hippy-vibe is back in style, so grab a kimono to dress up an edgy outfit like the one above.



Written by: Sarah Bernstein

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