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Toilet Paper Aside, Here’s 5 Items That Spiked Sales At Canadian Grocery Stores

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Photo: Anna Shvets / Pexels

We all know toilet paper has been in high demand since the pandemic started, but there’s several other grocery store items that have seen a spike.

Statistics Canada has compiled data to show retail trends since quarantine restrictions began around the country.

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It shows that in early March, hand sanitizer sales were up 792% from sales in the same week of 2019. And by mid-March, toilet paper sales were 300% higher than that time last year.


But aside from the expected items, here are five items that became particularly popular amid the pandemic:

  • Hair colouring products Compared to April, 2019, sales were up 75% as of mid-April.
  • Hair styling and cutting supplies. These tools also saw a rise of nearly 20% from mid-April sales in 2019.
  • Condoms. As couples spent more time together, condom sales saw a spike of nearly 40% over mid-March 2019 sales. But numbers have since returned to normal.
  • Alcohol. In mid-March, alcohol sales spiked by nearly 75% since 2019. By mid-April, they were 45% up.
  • Coffee filters. A need for coffee was apparently high in mid-March, as there was an 80% spike in sales. By mid-April, that number is at 68% above what it was in April, 2019.

What have you been stocking up on during the virus?

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