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5 Things We’d Love to See Hidden Around Vancouver

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Things We’d Love to See Hidden Around Vancouver

With various items having been recently hidden around the city, it is apparent that Vancouverites love to take part in what has become a modern day scavenger hunt via Twitter. In fact @HiddenCashYVR has grown to have a total of 25,400 followers! However, beyond what was mentioned above, the possibilities of items to hide are endless.

Here’s our list of things that we’d love to see hidden around our city:

1) Concert Tickets

With big-name artists such as Katy Perry and Eminem making their way to Vancouver, how sweet would it be to score a pair of free tickets to their show?! Considering this summer’s music festivals happening around the province, music is certainly on the minds of Vancouverite’s, ensuring this hunt would be a true competition.

2) Flight Vouchers

Vacations are expensive, but just imagine being gifted with a flight across the world! I mean, once Vancouver’s sunny days are gone, we all can agree that a winter escape is much needed.


3) Jewelry

 It’s tiny, of value, and cherished by most. Finding a ring or necklace would definitely be exciting, and a great item to hold onto!


4) Gift Certificates

Cash is great to have, but gift certificates specific to a store or restaurant are much more personal. How about a few from local favourites Lululemon or the Glowbal Collection of restaurants? This could even be a great promotional tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing plan – hint, hint!


5) Car Keys

Transit isn’t much fun, and gas is expensive, and of course a car is a little too big to hide in the city. As an alternative, one could easily hide the keys to a car, and provide the winner with the location of the vehicle they belong to, so they can drive away in the real prize. So…who wants to give up their Ferrari?



Written by: Kerri J

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