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Scientists Warn That “The Big One” Is More Likely To Hit BC In The Near Future

the big one / tsunami

It may not be be welcome news for residents of Metro Vancouver; however, scientists warn that “the big one” – an incredibly powerful earthquake followed by a mammoth, deadly tsunami – could happen relatively soon.

Of course, they cannot provide an exact date. Seismic activity provides clues as to the likelihood of when a big earthquake would take place, but it is hard to gauge specifics.

With that being said, this earthquake will have devastating effects. When the “big one” hits, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake will precede a tsunami with waves up to 20 meters high. Moreover, thousands, if not millions, of people will die.

Now, a recent spike in seismic activity has scientists reminding the public about earthquake safety.

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The Big One

Global News spoke to seismologist Alison Bird, who told them about a sharp increase in activity; she remarked that there were over 300 tremors on May 23rd alone.

“What it means is that we’re in a period that the probability of that earthquake happening is higher so it’s statistically more likely to happen during one of these episodes,” states Bird.

“When asked if this could be leading up to the so-called “big one,” she said the chances are definitely higher.”

With this in mind, scientists have warned people about “the big one” for many years. There’s no way to pinpoint the exact time it will occur, but these periods increase the likelihood.

If you live in coastal British Columbia, know your tsunami notification zone , then get prepared to manage on your own for a minimum of 72 hours. Start by developing a household plan, putting together your emergency kit and connecting with your neighbours.


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