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Tesla Surprises Many With Weird, But Bold, New Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Camper

You know how we sometimes refer to cars as “metal boxes”? With the new Cybertruck that Tesla revealed last week, that description will be literal.

Here they are:

The Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck
Photo: Tesla
Photo: Tesla

According to Tesla, the new Cybertruck has “better utility than a truck”, “with more performance than a sports car.”

In addition, they’ll come in three models: a single-motor rear-wheel drive ($39,900 USD), a dual-motor all-wheel drive ($49,900 USD), and a tri-motor all-wheel drive ($69,900 USD).

Tesla Cybertruck
Photo: Tesla

The range of the vehicles begin at 250+ miles for the single-motor, and increase to 500+ miles with the tri-motor. Similarly, the towing capacity improves from 7,500 lbs to 14,000 lbs from the lower-end model to the higher-end one.

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The exoskeletons of the Cybertruck are reportedly made of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. Despite the unintentionally-hilarious demonstration last week, the windows are supposedly made of Tesla armor glass.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior
Photo: Tesla

Meanwhile, the interior features a 17″ touchscreen, with an “all-new customized user interface.”

What has caught the attention of many outdoorsmen, however, is a “camper mode” accessory Elon Musk confirmed would be available for additional purchase.

Tesla Cybertruck Camper
Photo: Tesla

The rendering shows a pull-out kitchen, counter-top, and supposedly a sleeping area for two (underneath the dome-like roof).

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, particularly here in British Columbia. That being said, these trucks look like they’re from a bad cyberpunk movie. They look like what people from the 80s imagined cars in the future would like. But who knows, maybe they’ll draw in the survivalists out there. If not, maybe one day they’ll just be given out with bigger purchases.

Production on the Cybertruck is expected to begin in late-2021.

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