Syrian Refugees Get An Extraordinary Sky High ‘Welcome to Canada’

Syrian Refugees Get An Extraordinary Sky High ‘Welcome to Canada’

Vancouver’s infamous helicopter pilot turned YouTuber Bradley Friesen put a special heartfelt project together to complement Canada’s 150th birthday this year.

In partnership with CBC and the CBC Canada 2017 team, Friesen took three Syrian refugees for an extraordinary trip in the sky to see some of his favourite parts of Beautiful British Columbia:

In honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday, we wanted to show some newcomers to our great nation parts of Beautiful British Columbia that most people only see in pictures. We had the fortune of giving three Syrian refugees, Ayat, Omer and Hozan, a unique look at part of their new home from the sky.”

Having each lived in the Lower Mainland for over a year now, Ayat, Omer and Hozan are continuing their integration into their local communities and the overall Canadian society.


Limo ride to and from the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport:

Ayat, Omer and Hozan

Then it was time for their helicopter ride:

Photo: Chris Carr Photography

Syrian refugees helicopter

Bradley and Hozan

Syrian refugees helicopter

Bradley and Ayat

Photo: Chris Carr Photography

Syrian refugees helicopter


Syrian refugees

Ayat and Omer

The ‘Welcome to Canada’ video for Canada 150 was made in partnership with CBC and CBC Canada 2017. Filming and editing was done by House Hippo Media’s Treven LePage and Chris Carr. The guests were coordinated by DIVERSEcity Community Resource Society and translations were provided by their RISE Case Counsellor, Rola Nasreddine. The 2nd helicopter unit and hangar was provided by Sky Helicopters. Ground transportation was provided by BOSS Limousine Service. Amar Mirchandani served as a Producer.

About the Syrian Conflict:
In 2011, a bloody civil war broke out in Syria and has been raging on ever since. It’s estimated that well over 11% of Syria’s population has either been wounded or killed as a result of the fighting. As of July 2017, over 5,116,097 refugees are registered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Syria is ranked as the most violent country on Earth in the Global Peace Index, behind Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fighting continues to this day.

In 2015, the Government of Canada strengthened its commitments to Syrian refugee resettlement. Canadians from coast to coast have opened their arms hearts to refugees, by sponsoring and helping to settle more than 40,000 people forced from their homes and displaced by the war. This includes involvement by private sponsorship, all levels of government and non-government organizations.

About DIVERSEcity Community Resource Society:
DIVERSEcity is a non-profit organization focused on providing services and programs to new Canadian immigrants and refugees throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. DIVERSEcity assists diverse newcomers with community integration through Refugee & Specialized Programs such as settlement & community, language & literacy, employment & skills training, counselling, interpretation & translation services and child/youth programs.

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