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Canada Fulfils Goal To Welcome 25,000 Syrian Refugees

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The Liberal government has successfully welcomed 25,000 Syrians to Canada, as a plane carrying the last of the group touched down in Montreal on Saturday night.

Syrian’s have been arriving in Canada since November as part of the government’s first phase of the resettlement program, launched within weeks after taking office. The program was part of an election promise by Justin Trudeau, who hopes to help resettle the thousands of people trying to flee Syria in the midst of a civil war.

While the Liberals initially hoped to welcome 25,000 refugees by the end of 2015, they faced delays which ultimately pushed the deadline to the end of February, 2016.

Now with all the refugees in Canada, they will be spread across eight different provinces, and have their costs covered by the government for their first 12 months in the country. Numerous private groups and charities are also getting involved in helping the refugees transition smoothly.

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