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City of Surrey To Increase Pedestrian Crosswalk Times At 70 Intersections

Surrey Pedestrian Crosswalk Times Vision Zero Leading Pedestrian Intervals

Photo: James Coleman / Unsplash

The City of Surrey has begun implementing increased pedestrian crosswalk times, officially referred to as Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs), at numerous intersections around the city.

The change comes as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative and is expected to affect more than 70 intersections.

Vision Zero strives to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in the city to zero and to “reverse the trend of rising injuries and deaths on our roads and achieve a minimum 15% reduction in injury collisions over the next five years.”

According to the City of Surrey, research has found that pedestrian-involved crashes often occur at intersections where drivers are turning left or right. Increased times at crosswalks, the thinking then goes, “help reduce conflicts that can happen between vehicles and pedestrians at intersections.”

In a report published last month, 4 intersections in Surrey were named in a list of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Metro Vancouver for pedestrians.


What Leading Pedestrian Intervals Will Look Like

Normally, when a light turns green, the pedestrian “WALK” light turns green simultaneously. This means that drivers and pedestrians enter the intersection at the same time.

The new changes will see pedestrians get a 7-second head start, meaning pedestrian “WALK” lights will turn green before the light for drivers. (Last month, the City of Surrey also introduced real-time road information signs for drivers.)

“This time allows pedestrians to get further into the intersection and be more visible to drivers before vehicle traffic signals turn green”, the city says.

A full list of intersections that will see this change has not been revealed, but the City of Surrey has said that the changes will be implemented at:

  • any T-intersection that has a crosswalk where pedestrian-vehicle conflict can occur, and
  • 4-legged intersections where a high proportion of vehicles are turning.

According to the City of Surrey, 1 person is injured on Surrey roads every hour, crashes cost over $1 million every day, more than 1 person is killed every month, and injury collisions increase by 3% every year.

With this new change, the hope is that things will start turning around.

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