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Surrey RCMP Are Seeing A Spike In “Sextortion” Cases

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Surrey RCMP is seeing a spike in “sextortion” complaints, where people threaten to expose photos of the victim.

The suspects will threaten to reveal these images, if the victim doesn’t provide more content or pay them.

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“The scammer states they will release the video publicly unless they are paid in Bitcoin,” said Corporal Joanie Sidhu in a news release. “In these cases, there was no proof of photos or videos actually being taken.”

She explained that in most reports, a scammer sends the victims emails, claiming they hacked into the person’s computer. They may even cite a password the victim is using or had used in the past.

“These passwords have likely been obtained in a previous data breach not as a result of the computer being hacked. The public is urged not to respond to these emails or to send any money,” added Sidhu.

Surrey RCMP recommend disabling webcams, to create difficult passwords and to change them often.

Staff Sergeant Lyndsay O’Ruairc added that it’s not a good idea to send intimate photos to anyone, “even if it’s with a person you trust.”

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