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Plot Thickens: Surrey Pastor Charged with 28 Sex Crimes, Suspected Of More

Surrey Pastor

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In one of the most shocking cases in recent Surrey history, a Surrey pastor and his wife were charged with over 28 counts of sex offences.

Spanning a period from 2015 through until their arrest in May of 2017, the couple were charged with multiple offences including sexual offences on a person under 16 years of age.

Samuel Emerson, a pastor at Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church, was charged with 13 accounts of sex crimes. His wife, Madelaine Emerson, was charged with one count of sexual assault and threats to cause bodily harm or death.



Now, even more allegations against Samuel are rising after a Bible camp on Vancouver Island is claiming that assaults occurred during the time he spent there. He is listed as a director at the camp.

Surrey Pastor: New Victim Comes Forward

Global News spoke with Alexis Masur who told them that while she wasn’t touched by Samuel, she was molested by another camp official that has yet to be named publicly. She wasn’t under’s Samuel’s care, but she says that she was assaulted for four years during the time that she spent at Cowichan River Bible Camp.

She told Global that after the the assault occurred she tried to get the official to stop, but he threatened her, saying that she’d be the one that would get into trouble.

She adds that, “There are girls who already come from a place where they’re getting assaulted and they come to this place where they’re supposed to be safe and end up being assaulted there.”

While her allegations are not against Samuel himself, RCMP believe that there are other victims but they haven’t came forward.

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