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Summer Spots: La Casa Gelato Vancouver


La Casa Gelato, located on 1033 Venables Street, is one of the best ice cream spots in the 604.

La Casa Gelato is famous for their wide variety of 500+ ice cream flavours and growing. What makes this gelato so striking from other gelato places in this world is the extraordinary flavours such as curry, wasabi (weird, I know!), liquorice, pesto, and more unusual ice cream flavours that you wouldn’t think of! Me and my friend did dare try these flavours and thought it was a pretty odd experience, but we had a good laugh at every one of those samples we took!


Besides the unusual flavours, I had the pleasure of tasting more satisfying flavours like mango, Nutella, vanilla rainbow chip, chocolate cheesecake, and cotton candy. Being a young girl at heart, I stood with the more childish flavours, bubblegum and mint Oreo.



Here’s how it works:

Before ordering, you have the choice of the simple waffle cone, chocolate dipped waffle cone, or a cup to hold your gelato.

Each customer is required to purchase a token, which represents the amount of scoops you want; three tokens for three scoops, two tokens for two scoops, and one token for one scoop—your choice!


Even though summer ends in less than a month, La Casa Gelato is definitely a place to visit and soak up sun while staying cool with some of the best Gelato Vancouver has to offer!

Reminder: stack up on napkins!!! It gets a little messy.

More information on La Case Gelato, visit their website: http://www.lacasagelato.com

Written by: Jade Morales

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