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SPCA Issues Reminder That Halloween Is One Of The Scariest Nights For Animals


While many people love to dress up, go trick-or-treating, or attend parties, Halloween can be a tough time for our pets.

It comes as no surprise that the BC SPCA is reminding people to be mindful of our little friends.

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From loud fireworks, to a non-stop ringing doorbell, along with people in costumes, the sensory overload can create panic for pets. Frightened animals are more likely to run away from home. They might jump out of open windows and potentially dart into dangerous traffic.

Distressed pets will also show out-of-character behaviour, sometimes biting or scratching people.


Keeping Your Pets Indoors

Pets that are kept indoors have fewer opportunities to confront trick-or-treaters. Keeping the radio or TV on can also distract pets from the outdoor noises.

Other things you can do to keep your pets calm include:

  • Leaving plenty of toys in the room for your pet
  • Disconnecting the doorbell
  • Putting a bowl of treats near the door outside for trick-or-treaters to help themselves
  • Avoiding costuming your pet
  • Leaving them indoors and not bringing them trick-or-treating
  • Keeping them away from candy


Pet’s Identification

The BC SPCA says they see a spike in the number of animals in shelters after they have been spooked and run away. After taking all the precautions to keep your pets indoors, you want to make sure their identification is up-to-date in case they escape outdoors.

If your pet has a microchip, tattoo or license, make sure it is registered with the BC Pet Registry.

If it is registered, take the time to make sure important contact information, like your address and phone number, are all correct. Clear, current identification is your best chance to have them returned to you.


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