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This Incredible BC Beach Has A Secret Cave With A Gorgeous Waterfall Inside

Sombrio Beach

Photo: isaacreynolds2 / Instagram

Located on Vancouver Island, the Juan de Fuca Provincial park welcomes a diverse group of visitors all year round. Its famous hike, the Juan de Fuca Trail, is a designated wilderness trail with breathtaking sights to behold.

In turn, the park’s beautiful Sombrio Beach provides a spectacular, natural oasis. And, while it isn’t quite the same as Tofino, it provides some fantastic conditions for surfing. These conditions are actually even better in the winter, providing a rugged, adrenaline pumping experience.

This stunning, cobbled beach can be reached via a 250-metre access trail from the Sombrio Beach Trailhead parking lot, off of Highway 14. Known for its world-class surfing, it also a popular location for windsurfing.



Sombrio Beach Hidden Waterfall


While most are drawn to the area for surfing and hiking, a secret waterfall in a cave always delights visitors.

These tumbling rapids appear majestically between the cavernous walls, and appear completely sublime.

“To reach the hidden waterfall turn left on the beach and head South for about 20 minutes. The first and only creek that you come across will be running into the Pacific ocean and this is where you want to stop and explore. Just a few metres up the creek you’ll soon find the emerald canyon and the hidden waterfall in all it’s green glory,” reports Fototripper.

From here, you’ll be able to take an endless number of incredible pictures, or simply enjoy a moment basking in its beauty.



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