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Translink is Exploring Electric-Powered Gondolas For Burnaby Mountain

Many students dread the oftentimes frustrating ride to Simon Fraser University because of unreliable bus schedules and crowded vehicles.

Translink CEO Kevin Desmond spoke to Global News and told them that ridership on public transit was up to its highest number since the Olympics. He noted that the company needs to expand service throughout many communities, which would include both rail and bus services. 

One notable addition to help compensate for the increase in ridership is the idea of a gondola service to the SFU campus for students and teachers. Not only would the electric-powered cable service offer a more reliable solution during bad weather, but it would also be a much greener solution.



SFU Transportation

As the student body continues to grow, space on the buses continues to shrink. In addition, these buses are diesel powered, and therefore don’t run on clean energy. They also have a tough time making it up the route’s steep incline in snow.

While talks of implementing a gondola have been long in the works, the idea is becoming a much more viable one. The main issue is ensuring the project has the capital needed to move ahead, but some of the costs of running the bus route will be factored in.

Global News also quoted Desmond saying that, “there is a blueprint for extending the Arbutus Line to the University of British Columbia, but said completing the mayors’ ten-year plan is TransLink’s top priority.”

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