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TransLink’s Plan Of Gondola Going Up Burnaby Mountain To SFU Is Still Alive

burnaby mountain

The idea of a potential gondola going up Burnaby Mountain to SFU is still alive. It was first brought to light in 2012 as a possible project for TransLink.

We haven’t heard much about it since then, but it looks like it still is a part of their 10-year vision for Metro Vancouver Transit & Transportation.


burnaby mountain
Photo: Translink BC

The Burnaby Mountain Gondola is listed as being a part of their plan under their “major projects” section. The idea is to install an overhead cable car at the top of Burnaby Mountain. This would allow for easy access to those who go to Simon Fraser University everyday.

burnaby mountain
Photo: Michael Tarwitz/Flickr


It would be especially beneficial for those Winter months when buses can’t be relied on to get up the hill.

As it is, bus service is usually majorly delayed going up the mountain during snowy weather.

It’s unknown when exactly we’d see these plans come to fruition as it’s a major project, but it would make lives much easier for students and those who work at the university.

What do you think of a potential gondola going to SFU? Let us know in the comments below!


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