Semi-Truck Passes On Trans Canada Highway, Nearly Misses Oncoming Car (Video)

Trans Canada Highway

We see a lot of instances of bad, and sometimes horrible, driving, here in Vancouver. But how often is the driver behind the wheel of a semi-truck?

One such incident occurred this week near Salmon Arm, British Columbia, on a three-lane stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Dashcam footage from from one semi-truck captured another semi-truck passing him, despite double-solid yellow road markings.


Making matters worse was the fact that this occurred just as the truckers’ two lanes were merging into one. A sign on the side of the road indicates this.

As the driver of the passing truck passes the driver with the dashcam, the Trans-Canada Highway begins to curve, and a car is revealed in the oncoming lane.

The passing trucker re-enters his lane just in time, avoiding what could have been a forceful head-to-head collision.

Here’s the footage:

The driver who captured the footage brought the incident to the attention of Transportation BC, who then relayed it to Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement.

The driver of the passing semi-truck has since been fired.

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